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Estimation and Design

Our estimators and designers have over 37 years of combined experience and are constantly looking for more innovative and cost effective methods of design. Coupled with an intimate knowledge of residential and commercial construction, the management team at Waterberg Roofing will always be able to give you the best advice and design your roof according to your requirements.



Waterberg Roofing utilises the Mitek Industries software design program to quote and design its roofs. Waterberg  Roofing, by it's association with Mitek is also a member of the ITC-SA (Institute for Timber Construction South Africa) and thereby subscribes to and fully complies with all the design, manufacturing and erection criteria as laid down by the ITC-SA.


Waterberg  Roofing has a modern production facility in which we can assure our clients of:


  • Exceptionally accurate and speedy EASY SAW cutting. Sizes, lengths and angles are consistently accurate and NO hand measuring takes places.
  • Framing table utilising innovative jigs and marking capabilities.
  • A Roller press which assists in consistent pressures being applied to nail plates, fast and reliable production .
  • An on-going quality system which is regularly re-assessed and updated.


Waterberg Roofing has embraced technological advancements in the nail plated truss industry and in Febuary  2014 installed a EASY saw in its plant. This has ensured that production capability has increased and quality control can be maintained.

This is a screenshot of the EASY saw. The operator selects the components on the touch screen for the next series of cuts.

Accurate EASY saw measuring and cutting means that timber in your roof truss exceeds the minimum requirements when it comes to dimensional accuracy.















The computerised EASYsaw automates angle and length setups. The job is simply downloaded via LAN or Memory stick to the source computer and the angles and lengths are set to the precise measurements.


Waterberg Roofing will quote to erect your timber structure as well

We have good and reliable sub-contracted erection teams, it has become necessary to develop and grow a fully equipped in-house multifunctional roof erection team as well. This has proven to be a huge success, especially since we are becoming more and more involved in very upmarket and exclusive exposed trusses. Our-in house team has a fully equiped mobile workshop which they tow behind their Sprinter bus to job sites.

Our sub-carpenters are subcontracted to our business but we take full responsibility for the issue to the correct roof layout drawings and sufficient bracing details in order to erect a safe roof structure which will comply with all relevant and applicable regulations.

We guarantee that all timber on the quotation will be sufficient and no extra costs will apply should we perform the roof erection.

Our Roof Inspectors are independant experienced professionals. An Regulation A19 Completion Certificate means YOUR roof has been erected according to regulation.